Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Intrique of Tinsel...

I LOVE that Oliver can understand the concept of "elf on a shelf" this year - its SO much fun!!!! I can see his little eyes twinkle when he finds Tinsel... I love watching this play out.
This morning Tinsel was found on the ladder holding some Christmas stars with a note asking Lolly to hang them on the Christmas tree. He was so excited he even said thank you to Tinsel.

My one thing that I will try my best to go is let Lolly be a child for as long as possible, for him to enjoy the wonder of Christmas in the most innocent way. I love how his imagination is running wild - I love how he knows that "pretend" means. He RAN to us yesterday when we fetched him because he so excited that he had made sausages out of play dough. We had to sit and enjoy these big, fat, red sausages. My heart just swelled. I loved living in books when I was little, my imagination would run wild and I could be apart of so many stories... I hope Lolly is able to enjoy the wonder of his imagination for many years to come.

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