Friday, 11 December 2015

Party time.

Today was Ollie's last party at his precious Ouma's house - Sylvia has been such a Godsend to us, she has relieved so much stress about leaving my boy while I work - she could only have been sent to us by God!!
My heart is so happy for the last two and a bit years that Sylvia has given her heart, love, time, patience and more love to my boy - he has thrived in her care and I just know he would NOT be the boy he is today without her! My heart is also broken knowing that we won't be seeing Sylvia every day and knowing that his little chapter is soon closing. My mommy heart is NOT ready for my boy to go to school and not ready to admit he is growing up. Gosh. Breath. Stop crying.
I will remind myself to be thankful and grateful for Syliva as opposed to be sad about missing her! I am still amazed daily for Gods provisions in our life.

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