Thursday, 6 July 2017

My kids

Our life has changed so much since Mike and I met 13 years ago... we fell in love, got married and lived in a selfish bubble for just over 7 years! It was heaven!! We then decided it was time to make our family of 2 a family and three and the process of starting a family - or more like extending our family because we were already a family - began. I was grateful for the 7 year foundation we have built but also it made us set in our ways and when Ollie finally arrived earth side it made our world turn upside down. I knew I loved him from the second he was conceived but I did struggle with the life change that happened when the was born.... it took me a while to adjust and excel in the motherhood role but as the time wore on, as I got to know my boy more and understand him and more importantly enjoy him! Our life changed the day Ollie was born and for that I am so thankful!
When Charley arrived I was wiser, calmer and the exception of motherhood was a realistic one and I got to enjoy her from the second she was born.
I am forever thankful for my family and the joy having kids has brought to our life....

Life is truly sweet - even in the tiring, hard times - it is sweet!!

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