Monday, 28 July 2014


On the weekends before Mr Oliver arrived Mike and I would have our breakfast tradition of going out. We love breakfast and we love coffee and we love the combination.
BUT when Mr. arrived he messed with our routine and breakfast wasn't as easy to go to anymore.
Ollie is now old enough to sit in his chair and eat while we eat not to mention a little playtime while Mom drinks her coffee... Our new favourite is the wimpy near home, they have an amazing play spot small enough for Ollie to play in and the tables are right almost in the play section so we can keep an eye on Ollie every second - a good combination.
Spur of course also has delicious breakfasts BUT the playroom is far from the seating so Mike and I take turns sitting with him while he plays.

Our tradition has now been revived and its better than before as we get to share it with Lolly!

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