Monday, 7 July 2014

My little shopping buddy...

I love shopping with some company - be it my ipod with a audio book or better yet my boy Lolly! He is the best shopping buddy as he always helps me choose items I am unsure about - needless to say he has no idea what he is choosing but when I hold up two items I cant choose between he points to one and thats the one we get - he hasnt made a bad choice yet :)
We have also become snacking shoppers - yes, not the best habit around but certainly not the worst. We head straight to the deli and choose chicken strips or chicken pops or something equally tasty - I pretend they are only for Lolly BUT I know in my heart I will end up eating at least half!
How can I not love shopping with this cutie! He always makes me laugh because he will also spontaneously say hello to certain people - I am still not sure how he makes the selection as to who he says hello to and who he doesn't, I am still trying to work it out :)

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