Monday, 14 July 2014

His first nature walk.

On saterday we took Lolly (and Mike) for their first nature walk at "north park" - this park is down the road from my parents house and we used to go there OFTEN! I hadnt been for ages and it really was a walk down memory lane.... my heart felt so happy sharing it with Lolly and Mike!
Its so strange how small it felt going back - it used to feel so huge... we used to go for walks and picnics, used to look for fairy houses (mushrooms growing on trees) and I still maintain that I spotted a fairy or two!! To me is a magical forrest - like the faraway free!
 This one was delighted to be on a bridge.... check out that face!!!

 The below picture might seem a little weird - my child sitting on a tomb stone - the norths are buried at north park and when we were little we used to insist on visiting it every single time we went to the park. It fascinated us! We used to jump over the little wall enclosing it and play on it... it was such a normal thing to me so when I popped Lolly on there mike looked at me a little funny and only then did I think it may seems strange! BUT just like us Lolly loved walking all over it and I have a feeling that he may also insist on visiting this every time we go just like we did.
Daddy and Lolly walking along....

These two are my heart!!!!!!!!!

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