Tuesday, 17 February 2015

home year.... kind of continued.

So home year 2015 has kind of slowed down... there is so much to do but it seems there is no time! Weekend nights are busy with every day things so it leaves weekends and we have some standing obligations every weekend that cut out weekends in half....
A little change that we made was moving a chest of drawers into the kitchen - our kitchen is small so any and all storage is needed.
AFTER - now I have space for my baking trays and goodies and the wrapping paper stayed in the bottom drawer so that works.
 We also finally mounted our bathroom figures that I bought months ago! I must say I really love this....
The wood we bought months ago is still piled on the patio - hopefully this weekend we will be able to make a dent and start the creating process of making it into what it was bought for. Time willing.

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