Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentines day...

Valentines day has never been a huge day we celebrate, its just an excuse to do something a little special. This year we met up with friends for a afternoon / evening picnic. I packed a crate with delicious things including a million snacks for Mr oliver...
 We went to giba gorge where the kids could run and play and ride their bikes on the baby track - Oliver was fascinated and I am so glad we ended up taking his bike. He pretty much stayed in the same spot, give or take a few steps, while the other kids whizzed around him, he LOVED it! My boy is getting too big.

At 6pm they had a zombie run so we lined up and watched the zombies and the poor runners who would get stalked by the zombies start the run, there was music playing and Lolly was dancing. It was a lovely evening! I was super proud of my child, his normal bedtime is 6pm but we ended up staying till about 7:30pm then we got home bathed and put him to sleep around 8pm - latest bedtime to date. He was a champ - he was so well behaved and he played so nicely with the other kiddies even when they used his bike and stole his ball.... my heart swelled with huge pride at my child and the way he behaves all the time. We love spending time with people and we have no issue leaving him to be babysat because we know how well behaved he is.... I am one proud momma.
For us as a family routine has played a huge part, its what keeps me sane and Lolly seems to thrive in his routine. For us it works. Love my family and how we do life.

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