Monday, 30 March 2015


I have been really enjoying baking again - I took a little break as I like to take my time, play around, try new things and I feel I cant do that when I am rushed or timed. With my precious Lolly getting bigger and being able to play on his own and not need my attention 100% of the time it gives me time to play around in the kitchen. I have been trying to be healthy and made a couple of Paleo recipes that surprisingly all came out beautifully!
Brownie cookies - delicious!
 Paleo dinner rolls, to me that are more like scones which I am thrilled about! Made with tapioca flour.
 Coconut and pecan breakfast bars, these taste like carrot cake and are the perfect breakfast snack. I cut them into squares and popped them in the freezer for easy access.
Some non paleo baking was done as well. Ry and Wella moved back to Cape Town and Wella requested a apple pie for pudding at their last durban dinner with us. I have never made apple pie before and was thrilled with how easy and delicious it was!
 I got to use my pie bird and new pie dish for the first time!!

 A dollop of cream to finish it off and done!
I have banked this recipe as a quick, easy, delicious pudding!
I look forward to many more hours baking and trying new things... I love the feeling of being creative and creating something delicious and pretty!

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