Wednesday, 1 July 2015

BIG boy!

Our child is officially a big boy (nooooooo!!) he is now in his very own big boy bed! It used to be my brothers when they were little and now its Lolly's! It was hurled out of the ceiling so it just needed a good clean and paint - we chose a pale blue so it could match any bedding we find....
 Its perfect for the first stage as we just turned the bed so the open end faced the wall so Lolly doesn't fall out!
 We moved his little blue flower from his cot to his bed - that has been with him since he was born (I put it on his incubator in hospital) and he got a comforter with trucks on it... he was so excited about the trucks that I don't think he grasped the hugeness of now having his own bed (or is that more for me than for him?)
 This is him sleeping, it looks like daytime I know BUT its only because of the camera flash! There was no change in routine for this child, he slept through like normal, no issues!
I on the other hand was not so relaxed about this change, I look at my child in his bed and I just want to cry because he looks so big! No more daytime nappies and now his own bed?
I love this child so much, he has taught me so much about taking things in his stride and going with the flow, these lessons I seem to need to learn daily!

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