Tuesday, 28 July 2015


We were so spoilt last weekend, we received a package from Aunty Jayde and boy were we excited! This child of mine gets excited when there is anything to open, just like his momma!

 He loves his gown, he puts it on and then takes it off and shouts "again!!" and so it goes on....
 Enjoying a special biscuit...
 ... and some sweeties.

 He ask me if we can "read this book" - I had to explain to him that that isnt a book, its a HUGE chocolate!

 So many treats!!!!
 And so many special things for Lolly!
 Our treats drawer is FULL!
 and our bathroom finally looks so lovely and clean with Lollys new whale toy storage!
Thank you my precious friend for spoiling us so so much, we feel so loved by you guys!!

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