Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Some days...

This morning was one of "those" mornings... my goodness! Coming off a perfect evening with our little one, no fuss at bedtime, a complete little pleasure - HOWEVER THIS MORNING was a different story - a complete meltdown for no apparent reason. Nothing we could do would calm him down - he threw his dummy at us and even hit me in the face - I lost it - I was so mad! I am NOT a fan of mornings like this at all, I take it personally and get so offended. I still have no idea what went down... honestly, not a clue! Then all of a sudden he switched and all was right with the world - a prompted "sorry daddy" and "sorry mommy" and his exponential meltdown was a thing of the past. I am still reeling as to what the heck happened!! Needless to say I had to unwind somehow before going to work so a tea and pinterest date was in order.
Luckily the little spot that Mike and I sometimes go to for a breakfast before work was open and I took 45 minutes to get my mind right before heading to work. It  was so needed and helpful! Some days.... sigh.

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