Thursday, 20 August 2015

A little DIY...

We are trying to be a bit more organised and have a place for everything - or at least for the things that tend to lie around e.g. shoes, bags and jackets. I love coming home and having a place to hang up our bags and I want to teach Oliver that these things have a place - he starts proper school next year and I want to start a routine from day one about handing over lunch boxes and hanging up bags...
I decided to paint Mike and my hangers just a normal colour but when it came to Oliver I wanted him to be involved in the making of this, to make him part of it.
I thought painting it white and then doing hand prints in blue for him.... he was so excited to paint with me!

During Lolly's nap on Sunday, when the wood was dry, I jumped into bed to watch some series and finished off the hooks - I am very proud to have done this all by myself :)
 Lolly's hooks are at his height so he can hang up his own things....

This is in our passage so its out of the way and looks so neat and tidy!

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