Friday, 14 August 2015

Hadasha's cafe...

I love finding new restaurants and new cultures, we love trying new things and different foods so we tried a Ethiopian restaurant on the weekend. All I can say is we LOVED it - the owner was so friendly and welcoming and the food was amazing!!
Even Oliver got in on the action and ate this food the way it is meant to be eaten.... we got to try three different meat dishes and three different veg dishes.

We made friends with the owners little boy who was super cute, he spoke only Amharic so we couldn't really chat to him but a smile is universal and we soon become good friends. He shared his toys with Lolly and Lolly shared his juice and chips with him.....
 Mom and I tend to like the same foods and experiences so we loved sharing this feast with them!

 Our meal ended with traditional coffee which was infused with ginger, and the coffee was served with popcorn. Seems like a strange combination but they went so well together..... the ginger in the coffee was strange at first but partnered with the popcorn was so delicious.
It was lovely going as a family but I am very keen to go back just Mike and I to enjoy a few different options and enjoy the experience just us.
I cannot wait to go back!!!

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