Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Baby Bunny...

On Saturday I was cleaning out Lolly's cupboards and we found this tiny little size 1 nappy that he used to wear as a new born. I was telling Lolly about how cute and tiny he was, how he used to wear this tiny nappy and how small he was. Next thing I know (I am still not so sure how this came about) Bunny had the baby nappy on, we were searching for a little cot that bunny could sleep in.....
 AND the pram arrived as if from no where.
Oliver is SUPER cute with babies, he loves them and he has been extra cute with baby bunny. He rocks him to sleep and when he is sleeping we have to whisper so as not to wake baby bunny up. So it isn't true that only girls play with dollies, it seems my boy is enjoying playing daddy to his baby bunny! I love no only this child's heart but his imagination too!

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