Friday, 12 May 2017

My happy eater...

I prayed for two things for my second baba and they have both been answered and then some.The first thing I prayed for is a good sleeper - we got a very good night sleeper which we are grateful for - she isn't the best day sleeper but she always wakes up so happy so its not a problem.
She likes to sleep with a cloth by her face which often ends up over her head (Ollie used to do the same) - this was after she came to us in the morning, she feel back to sleep - I showered, dressed, blow-dried my hair and still she slept!
The second thing I prayed for was a happy eater as I could not fathom fighting every food time and this we granted fully. Charley loves eating anything and everything - she watches when we eat and her eyes beg for a suck- the other day, much to Mikes horror, I gave her a pizza crust to nosh on and she loved it!

 She stole a little piece of Ollie;s toast which she enjoyed....

I love this  child with my whole heart and I can envision many mommy-daughter dates in the future!

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