Sunday, 7 May 2017

A year later...

More like over a year later and so I begin again, I have realized we refer back this all my posts fondly when thinking of Ollie as a baby and remembering special occasions, looking at photos and seeing how much he has grown - I feel I am robbing us of the same with Charley.
From my last post to now life has changed a lot in the best way, our little girl Charley was born and is now 6 months old and  Ollie has grown up so much and is such a ray of sunshine to us.

I will start this again with the events of our week and and eventually tell Charley's birth story because it is such a precious time which I haven't converted into writing quite yet. The rest of 2016 and the first half of 2017 will have to remain a memory for Mike and I to share between us.

Our little superheros. We went to Josh's super hero party and Ollie and Charley dressed up as superheros. Of course Ollie was batman and Charley (who had no choice but was willing) dressed up as Wonder Woman for which is totally is! The Wonder Woman costume (thank you Aunty Wella and Uncle Ryno) is for 12 - 18 month old's BUT our kids super power seems to be CHUNK as she fits into it at 6 months!

 Ollie took this picture for us and I kinda LOVE it....
 Charley's first time on a swing and she loved it... she is going to be an adventurous one this one.
 A rare family picture...
 Ollie jumped the afternoon away.

Sunday finished too quickly and as always I come to work missing my family and scrolling through pics of all of them as the days goes on.
Ahhhh, this feel so good to document our lives again, it makes me slow down a bit and sort through my love and joy for my family and our little life together!
2017 I am finally ready for you!


  1. Nice to read up on you guys again! Love the pics

  2. Love it!!! So happy you're back.😁😁😁
    Welcome to the blog Charley.❤