Friday, 8 November 2013

daddy time...

Today Mike took off work to look after Oliver seeing as he hasnt been well! One of the things I LOVE about is he always sends me pictures and keeps me in the loop.... whether is his lunch or a cool car he saw of our boy.... makes me love him so much!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few i got today while i was working, when i hear the "whistle" of my phone i get happy knowing its a picture of my boys....
 Ollie loves bath time - on the weekends we bath him morning and evening.... it also helps with his morning nap time and bedtime :)

 I love this picture!!! He looks like he has a seceret!!!

 Dad spoilt him with a biscuit!
 And timmy the gaurd dog looking after ollie!!
Thanks babes for looking after our boy.... you are amazing!!!

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