Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ollies first party....

Yesterday we went to Olivers first party - his friend Sam turned 2! The only thing is Ollie has been sick... he has a viral infection so he wasnt the happiest little guy - shame!!!
He had a little nap there but just wanted us BUT we had fun anyway!

 Ollie seems to really love the ball pit!


 Trying to get pics with a baby thats smiling is a little tricky :) BUT look at that little mouth!!

 "daddy i want to love you....."
 "but i actually just want to eat you...."
 Family pic....
 There was a baby swing there.... Ollie thought it was a huge game when he swang to me and i kissed him and then he swang away again!!

A long day, a sick boy and a fun party equalls sleep time in the car!!
We look forward to many more parties with this little one.... The best part is he is too small for a party pack - so dad got it :)


  1. Hi
    I love all the pictures of Oliver! What a cute boy! Thanks for comment the other day... how cool that you also have a blog. Love it. I'm going to enjoy checking out what is happening in your world! Have a brilliant week. Love Maria

    1. Thanks so much for the comment :) I cannot wait to meet you and your family - Manu is so wonderful.... i am so happy she gets to become my sister (i only have brothers, will be nice to have a sister) - YES, i was so excited to hear you had a blog too... so enjoying following yours!!! Look forward to meeting you soon! Much love, Cands.