Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Much needed morning fix.

Our precious Ollie isnt too well again, it seems he has a viral infection that will reaccour.... its just one of those things but it makes Ollie cough and that means he doesnt sleep too well so that means we dont sleep too well!
This morning after dropping mike off at work (he injured his knee and cant walk on it or drive) I popped into VIDA CAFE for a coffee.... thank goodness they open early!!
Thank you Lord for coffee shops that open before 7am!!!
Cuppachino was the order of the day - NO DECAF..... need the boost!!
(i got some breakfast too... egg and bacon panini... - dont tell my weight, it doenst need any friends)

I hope these sleepy eyes go away.....
Love my boy BUT I also love my sleep :)

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