Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A few randoms....

So here are a few randoms from the last few weeks...

1. On friday we went bowling as a work team building. I was by far the most stylish (wouldnt you agree)

2. I spoilt myself with a Le Creuset pie bird. I LOVE IT and cannot wait to bake a pie in our new oven when our kitchen is done!!
I think I might make an apple pie as my first pie....

3. The other day Mike arrived at work to find this lovely travel mug (i have a thing for travel mugs)
Mr Price were launching something and they always do it so well!! THEN this arrived and I became even more jealous!!!!

4. We are going camping for the easter weekend with a group of friends of ours, i am TOO excited! I saw this and just had to buy it for Lolly (the bonus is that it was cheap!)
I think he will really enjoy it!!
and so ends the randoms for the last couple of weeks!

1 comment:

  1. How cute is that tent! You look ever so gorgeous wearing a tent my friend hehe.