Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lollys first birthday party!

On the 6th April Lolly had his first birthday party. The party was more for us as he really didnt know what was going on BUT we wanted to have this party for so many reasons. The first reason was to celebrate the year we have had with Oliver, to cherish him and enjoy him! The second reason was to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in our life and Ollies life in the last year - we had so many people walking this journey with us, helping, supporting and loving us all through this time and we wanted to just say a thank you in the best way we could.
Mom made lunch for everyone and there were cupcakes and sweeties for pudding - we just wanted a chilled afternoon to chat and laugh and fellowship with the village that is helping us raise Oliver! For me it was VERY special.....
My mom and Wella baked the cupcakes and we all decorated them....

A little play spot for Lolly.

Kisses for pops....

He wasnt too sure about the candle...

BUT he did enjoy his first cupcake!!


 Cuddles for daddy.
 And lots of love for his precious aunty Ruthie AKA godmom!!
Here stands 3 generations of Brits'.
Oliver LOVED the bunting - I am going to make some for our patio permanently!

 A family picture (minus mom and dad :)
 And of course pressie time!!

 This was by far his favourite present!!!!

Our child is one year old. When did that happen? All I know is we would not still be alive if we didnt have the friends and family we have around us supporting us, loving us and helping us!!

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  1. Wow - what a gorgeous 1st Birthday! Love everything about it! Love Ollie's shirt too (wink wink) man he is just getting cuter and cuter every time!