Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wedding bells...

On the weekend we went to my cousins wedding! We had fun spending the afternoon / evening with my parents, my uncle and aunty and Ryan and Manuella!
It was however the first time we had left Lolly with anyone besides my parents and I was a little anxious about that.... Aunty Ruthie, who is SO capable and who I trust fully with my child, looked after him and after many many messages from her saying that Lolly is FINE I started to relax and enjoy our afternoon at the wedding.


They had a photo booth at the wedding too which we had fun with....

It was good fun dressing up.....


  1. I know that concern about new babysitters! Sounds like he was in very capable hands!! What a blessing to have options. The wedding looks like such fun and I love that pic of you and Manuela laughing. Beautiful.

  2. wow - you looked stunning my friend. I love love love your outfit you wore! I would so wear that as well. You are so beautiful - love seeing you laugh in these pics - miss you man! The dress up pics are hilarious!