Monday, 7 April 2014

Ollies birthday :)

On wednesday last week it was Lollys birthday..... Mike and I took the day off and spent the day with him. Granny Che Che and aunty Wella joined us for a little picnic.

We opened pressies with Ollie (we filmed it and forgot to take photos)
and then off to the park we went. Shame, Oliver is teething at the moment so he wasnt the very happies boy.
We then went for some tea and he played for a little while in the sand....
He kinda ate the sand actually....
But we still love him :)
and then on the way home he crashed!!!
He fell asleep holding aunty Wellas hand!
It was a very special day spent with very special people!


  1. A very happy happy birthday to Ollie!!! Can't believe he is 1!!!! Lots of luv us 5 XXxxx

  2. Awww precious boy! You look like you had a wonderful Birthday!