Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Animal outing...

On our weekend away we visited an animal farm...Lolly had a ball with the animals!

 He's a very brave boy, feeding the goats. He liked to feed them one food pellet at a time...

 My dad was feeding the ostrich and then it went nuts and nearly ate his hand.... it was SO funny!!! Those things are beasts!!!

Lolly also LOVED the donkey.... the donkey had a bit of a different colour on his shoulder and Lolly thought it was a sore - he kept saying "owie!" - even now at home he says "donkey - owie!!" He was very worried about the poor donkey!

 He also went on a little train ride - he was scared and clung to Mike like a little monkey..... he eased up a little by the end!

 Che-Che and Pops.

 These two are my favorite!

 "Daddeeeee" (this means PICK ME UP NOW)

All said and done it was  good day!

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