Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our boy turned TWO!

Last Thursday, the 2 April 2015, our boy turned two - a whole two!!! We were awoken early with the sounds of "mommeeee, dadddeeeee" - I think he new it was his birthday!
 He was given a little string of choccies which he asked for before breakfast.... I could not say no on his birthday :)
 He got the cutest, fluffiest donkey...
 And a winnie pooh... which his eyes twinkled at!
 Simple gifts but he fell in love instantly!!
 He had a nap later on in the day with his two new best friends as we made our way to Cumberland for a weekend away.
This child has been a ray of sunshine since the second he was conceived.... he has taught me so many life lessons in the past two years - patience, how selfish I really am, the joy of being called mommy, the joy of seeing my husband excel as being a daddy while maintaining being the best husband, the miracle of this child learning new things every day... our life changed rapidly on the 02 April 2013 and oh man, its been a beautiful experience so far! We have tried to keep our lives simple but filled with family time and so much love - our humble little family and our humble little life is exactly what I always wanted - God has make my life so perfectly imperfect....

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