Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A bit of this... a bit of that...

Here are just a few randoms from our last few weeks...
Alan made fresh salted pretzels and delivered them to our door for breakfast one Sunday - what a treat!
 Lolly working with his Papa...
 One morning while eating his breakfast Lolly grabbed teddy and started feeding him too... he was also making all the faces and noises I seem to make while feeding Lolly, he cracked me up!
 Mike spoilt me with a home mag out of the blue.... home inspiration is never a bad thing!
 Some Saturdays are meant for pajamas, messy hair and a bit of playtime on the Ipad.
 ... some Saturdays are also meant for some Maya The Bee watching in the camp cot.
Its only Wednesday today but it honestly feels like it should be Friday - FRIDAY COME QUICK PLEASE!

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