Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Our weekend....

The weekend before last Lolly spent the weekend with my parents so Mike and I could spend a weekend, just us. We are married 9 years on the 10th of June and we wanted to celebrate.
We had a nice early night on Friday night and on Saturday morning we stayed in bed till close to noon... lying in bed with coffee at 10am, a quiet house.... it was a lovely morning!
 We also managed to catch a movie...
 AND we went to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night - a place we celebrated our 3rd anniversary too!
I will be honest, it was much harder to leave Oliver than I initially thought! By Saturday night I wanted to fetch him but Mike said nope and I was glad we didn't - he got to spend some quality time with his Papa and Che Che and I got to spend some quality time with Mike!

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