Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Our long weekend.

Tuesday was a holiday so Mike and I took Monday off making it a nice long weekend! We used this time to start potty training our little monster and I am proud to say he did SO well....  as we were potty training we didn't really leave home at all which meant lots of playtime at home as well as a huge spring of our bedroom cupboards, spare room (we can see the floor and bed again - score), laundry and garage! I feel lighter with it all clean...
I made us brunch each morning which was so lovely, we ate outside in the sunshine....
4 full days at home with no distractions of needing to go out and make plans or fill our day with anything other than family time was lovely. We managed to get so much done as well as spend as much attention as needed on Lolly to start his potty training. After the first day and many accidents I honestly felt that Lolly wasn't near ready... I was ready to give up and try in a few weeks BUT he woke up the next day and even with his nappy on he asked to go for a wee... I ignored him initially and said "no matter, just wee wee in your nappy" but he kept insisting and believe it or not he had a wee on the loo. And then again and again.... with only one little accident all day and again the next day and the next. Something clicked in his little mind and he is doing so so well! I am one proud momma... and man oh man his little undies are the cutest little things I have ever seen! Love his little bum in them :)

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