Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Last night was our first dinner outing with Lolly since forever really... I am a huge fan of routine so seeing as Lolly's bedtime is 6pm we never do dinner out... we will go to my moms for dinner or sometimes other people but then put Lolly down in his camp cot but never to a restaurant.
We got to spur at 5pm (like the oldies do) and really enjoyed a dinner out with my dad seeing as my mom is in Cape Town at the moment. This little one enjoyed his cheese sandwich and lots of playtime... he was a little star!! I struggle to deviate from our weekly routine BUT after last night I see that there are occasions that this can happen and my little boy just LOVED the playtime and the time with his Pappa! 
This also just made me realize that our boy is getting bigger..... a tough pill to swallow but its happening and I cannot be prouder of him! 

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