Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mr Measels.

Mr has measels.... he has had a few rough nights which is not like him at all and I honestly thought he was just being super naughty!! BUT then he came out in a rash and we realised he has baby measels - poor boy! To think I nearly gave him a hiding for being sick - goodness me!!
He has been staying home with my mom who has been looking after him beautifully!! Mom sends me these through out the day!
Nap time...
 Getting back from a walk....
 This was last night after his bath! Lolly is fascinated with the phone and when I call my mom I normally say hello and then he kisses the phone! Too precious!
I am praying this is the getting to the end of 6 weeks of sickness for Lolly!!

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  1. Oh noooo - poor nunu. Sorry little guy :(
    Praying for a quick recovery!!!!