Thursday, 5 June 2014

Depends on the day...

Oliver normally doesnt mind the car at all - he loves talking to himself and playing while we drive...
Lately he has a little tantrum every time we put him in this car seat... then a few seconds later he is happy again. With him getting older his resolve is growing, he is getting bullheaded and stubborn and our precious little angel is not always an angel anymore!
I quite honestly thought "my child will never have a tantrum" and "my child will never be naughty like that".... well well well - I was mistaken!!
This is the time when sticking to the discipline we have implemented from little is so hard - being consistent is key and NOT giving into to this little Mr. when we are tired and we feel we have fought our little fight over the same thing one too many times! We have had to be strict without going overboard and I personally have learnt that sometimes I have to be lenient and not sweat the small stuff.

I love this child with a love that I have never felt.... the desire for him to grow up to be a happy, respectful and GOOD child overwhelms me from time to time and I tend to forget that he is a child, he will be naughty, he will test boundaries and that is ok - he needs to learn to stand up for himself and fight for what he wants.... BUT he also has to learn that when mom and dad say no that it stays no!!
My goodness... the balance I feel we need to keep is quite tricky.... I go to bed smiling about his little developments and I go to bed worrying about why he was naughty and what if he is naughty with his day mom... and then I remember to pray and hand it all over to God and ask for wisdom in disciplining our precious child and loving him all at the same time!!

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  1. God's wisdom and his Word is the way to go for discipline indeed!