Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Breakfast visit...

On saterday we met up with Katelyn (who we havent seen in way too long) for breakfast! It was a LOVELY visit! We went to spur and enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausages, tea and coffee! Best meal of the day in my opinion! Of course Mr shared my chips and toast... and even drank some milk out of the little stainless steel milk jug we were handed - he was very chuffed with this!
 We took turns taking him for a little playtime when breakfast was finished....

 Lolly is walking so beautifully!!!

 And I must tell you - this boy knows how to work a room! He was schmoozing all the waitresses and they ended up giving him a mask and balloons - he was blowing kisses at them amd smiling at them :)
Lolly loves his lions masks... soon he will be roaring too Im sure!!

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