Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Weekend mornings are normally peaceful and quiet which I love - Mike gets to sleep in as my back is too sore to sleep past 6 and Ollie, Charley and I get to play quietly until daddy wakes up.
Sometimes Ollie and I have a half hour or so just us, he loves watching a movie on a Saturday morning and often times I get to nod off a bit if he wakes up super early.
Charley wakes up SO happy and normally so hungry so its playtime and food time for her - she is all smiles!

On Saturday Ollie made himself a table with table cloths (wet wipes) and sat at his "table" and ate his breakfast - I had to smuggle it out later or he would want to keep it forever!
 Ollie also just realized that I moved our typewriter to a place that he can reach it and delightfully plays with it if I allow him! What is it with kids and buttons??
I do love a good sleep in but at the moment it frustrates me more with my sore back so I rather trade off my sleep in for an afternoon nap which works well.

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