Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Solar walk at school

Every year Ollie's school has a "torch walk" that this year became a Solar (lantern) walk. Spar kindly donated all the lanterns to the kiddies who then got sponsors for the walk.
Its a magical evening and so much fun!
Last year it was very overwhelming for Ollie but this year he did so much better - there were a few tears when a friend of his left him to walk with his daddy but once he got over that it was all good. Ollie didn't even  come close to doing the most laps in his class but he enjoyed himself and that to me is what matters! There was also a past student that came and did a fire dance for us all.

 Mom and dad came to support Ollie - well, I think dad came for the food but that's beside the point :)
 I had Charley on me and she loved it!! She had a nap or two in between all the excitement, this child loves activity and people!

The school raised a lovely amount of money and it was a huge success.
Have I mentioned that I just LOVE this school?

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