Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Play date and daddy date

The weekend before last we had a playdate with one of Ollie's best friends - Savannah.
Savannah loved playing dolls with Charley and wouldn't leave her alone - it was the cutest - this is from a little girl is does NOT want a brother or sister of her own and apparently has never taken any interest in any baby or doll ever. I think she is confident that this is Ollie's sister and we wouldn't dare leave her behind so she could love her.

The same weekend I had to run an errand so Mike and the kiddies popped to a coffee shop to wait for me. Ollie played and then came back for his snack... he asked Mike to move the little table close to their big table so he could sit and enjoy his snack close by.
 Charley of course was super happy and too cute!!!

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