Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Party time

On Sunday it was Soph's party - A Frozen party. Ollie loved the jumping castle and eventually all the kids were playing crocodile where Uncle Gene was catching them and they were hiding in the castle walls...
Batman in among all the pink!
 Charley loved spending time with Mike and on her donut in the shade or rumbling around with us as we watched Ollie play - she even ate her first fruit loop.
 The swing was a hit - this child is a little dare devil!

Being this cute is very tiring! For a child that naps only in her cot I felt like I won the lottery when I managed to get her asleep in my arms and we stole away to the quiet place to enjoy her nap. I am surprised that I didn't wake her up with all the kisses I planed on her head!

We LOVE kiddies parties, Ollie has eventually become confident enough to play on his own without one of us constantly shadowing him... its such a lovely stage!

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