Monday, 19 June 2017

To my husband on fathers day

To my husband on father’s day,

4 years ago you became a daddy for the first time and we managed to conquer the firsts of parenthood together, you grew into your role as a daddy with love and patience and taught me how to love when I fell short. You carried a lot in the first few months of Ollie’s little life, you carried me and him in love and understanding and for that I am forever grateful!
You are the daddy that loves and worries and plays and disciplines, who let our kiddies get away with certain things but holds fast to the rules we agreed upon that maintain the love and respect we demand from our namesakes. You and Ollie become little besties and his love for you is not only evident in how he kisses and hugs you but in how he looks up to you and how he is becoming more and more like you as the days go on. How he wants to be with you you, be a superhero like  you are and how he even wants to wear the same colour undies as you when he sees you getting dressed.
My heart didn’t only double when Ollie was born, it tripled  - double love for you and then the love for my son!

7 months ago you became a daddy for the second time and this was a more seamless transition than the first time, we settled into our little family of 4 with little effort and the instant Charley was born you were a daddy to a little girl and I could see how it soften you from the second she was born! I didn’t need you as much as the first time so we got to enjoy Charley together, fight to feed and cuddle her and love our boy for the big brother he had become.  When Charley was born you would come home from work and let me go to bed at 7pm so I could rest – even after you had worked a full day having only started a new stressful job. You allowed me the grace to say no to “outings” if I wasn’t up to it and to say yes when I was. We would sit in the evening (and still do) after Ollie was in bed but Charley wasn’t quite ready for bed and stare at her, talk about her beauty and joy and just love her!
Babes, you have showed me so much, taught me so much and I sit in awe of the husband and dad you are to us.
Thank you for loving each of us for who we are, for letting us be us and for giving us the absolute privilege to loving you back!

Always and forever!